Monday, May 20, 2013

Go, IP cameras and DNS

While working on presentation about IP cameras, Artem crafted a handy shell script that searches for active IP cameras by going over camera vendor's DNS records. The result was some handy numbers, as well as information on how people are using camera vendor provided DDNS service.

Last week I was visting a friend (привет, Виктор!) in Seattle. Between beers, he mentioned Go - a programming environment he uses in one of his projects. He combined next pint with a Go programming lesson and as a result, we wrote a 100 line amazingly simple multi-threaded  scanner that does the same as above mentioned script, but in much more configurable and reliable way.

Get the Go, get the getmecamtool, and in the misc directory you will find the scanner.go file. Simply type:

$ go run scanner.go --help

and the rest should be clear. It currently searches for records with prefix xx1234(two letters and 4 digits), but it should be trivial to change the pattern that matches particular camera vendor's DNS records.

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